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National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic

The Summer Sports Clinic offers adaptive sports to veterans dealing with a variety of injuries, such as traumatic brain injury and polytrauma, spinal cord injury, loss of limb or PTSD.  This week long event offers adventure sports and recreational activities such as sailing, surfing, track and field events, kayaking and cycling.  Veterans from all over the country participate in this event held in San Diego, California.  The purpose is to provide veterans an opportunity to overcome and improve their overall being and self-worth.

The Jefferson Barracks VA has 12 veterans participating this year.  They have asked Songs4Soldiers to assist with lodging costs.  We need your help with this. Sponsor a veteran.

“I was fortunate enough to participate in the 2016 Winter Sports Clinic. The clinic provides wounded warriors with a unique opportunity to safely participate in sporting events, which otherwise likely would not be possible due to myriad of constraints (i.e.: injuries and finances). In my experience, I was teamed up with two world-class skiing instructors who helped me remember how (and find the confidence) to ski. I’ve been deployed five times, have PTSD and a variety of other physical injuries, and still have a full heart for defending our country.  Thanks to an opportunity to participate in the Winter Sports Clinic, I found myself safely and successfully skiing for the first time in 16 years. I left the event feeling more confident in myself, and respectfully amazed by what I witnessed fellow veterans accomplishing.  I also want to say that the volunteers I met along the way couldn’t have been more professional and kind. From my perspective, they treated us like family.  I genuinely thank God for my freedom, the blessing to have served my country, and everyone who makes participating in a Sports Clinic a reality for a wounded warrior.” ~ Mark, Winter Sports Clinic participant

“I’m super glad that went to NDWSC in April 2016 because it not only help me realize that I am not the only one dealing with service connected problems on my own but had learned a lot from other service members. We learn from each other by our own experiences of what work or didn’t for them while treating the service connected injuries.  It was a great experience and definitely a big Confident and Motivation Booster. Ever since attending the Winter Clinic I had been striving to get better mentally and physically.” ~ Hector, Winter Sports Clinic participant

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