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I have been seeing El Monstero  for nearly 20 years….

Every show – I love every song, musician, actor, light, firework, vocal effect, guitar solo, drum solo, dancer, show tech – man all of it!

Almost anything good you see at the annual S4S concert has been taken or learned from the Kevin Gagnepain concert producing playbook.

Thank you EM for the countless years of Christmas cheer, Christmas positivity, and Christmas rock n roll…..

To see the Songs4Soldiers brand and mission coupled with this legendary STL tradition and namesake – is indeed one of the biggest honors and privileges of my life.

Good humans making good music – helping good humans who are down on their luck… That’s a good recipe…

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Columbia, IL 62236

T: 618.719.2333
E: contact@songs4soldiersstl.org

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