Our mission is to enrich the lives of combat veterans and their families who have limited resources. We honor their service through effective assistance in everyday situations.

Featured Veteran Spotlight

Jenna R.

This story is a prime example of how inspiration, dedication, and hard work get us all to the same place. As you may know S4S has a great partnership with Home Depot. One of the many great employees at Home Depot, Ray Crafton, has been an integral part of S4S operations for some time now. Personally, Ray and his lovely family wanted to do even more. They donated their family car to S4S so we could help a deserving combat veteran that had a desperate need for a vehicle.

Jenna is a hard working, Iraq War combat veteran. Jenna and her family and had both their family vehicles go down in the same time frame leaving them struggling to get back and forth to work at Scott Air Force base. This story is special in so ways. But, ultimately it is a perfect example of all the different ways S4S can be a vessel for people who desire to be apart of the S4S mission. If you would like to donate to S4S or if you have a clever way to help a combat veteran, please visit the DONATE and CONTACT page of our website! Thank you to everyone for making this mission possible.
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2013 Funds helping 2 Combat Veterans
2014 Funds helping 5 Combat Veterans
2015 Funds helping 24 Combat Veterans
2016 Funds helping 120 Combat Veterans
2017 Funds helping 138 Combat Veterans
2018 Funds helping 10 Combat Veterans *as of 1/31/2018


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