Sept 17 & 18

Gear Up For Fun

We are highly encouraging advance tickets sales this year. Both shows are HALF sold out and we typically have a large walk up crowd. We have never pre-sold this many tickets before. So please get them ahead of time by purchasing them here.

Parking maps, event maps below. Along with a prohibited items list. LAWN CHAIRS ARE WELCOME.

HANDICAP FOLKS, please park in the park! Use the East entrance of the park at Temple and Main st.

The Park is only for volunteer parking, vendor parking and handicap parking. Download the map here.

VIP parking, this is in the lot right below the stairs that enter into the city park on the high school lot! General parking, is also marked below on two separate maps!

For general event questions please email [email protected] or call (618) 719-2333

For any ticketing questions or concerns, please email [email protected]

2021 Event Downloads

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