Project Description

Rose was 28 when she joined the US Navy in 2001, and was going through basic training on September 11.  After boot camp, Rose was stationed at US Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune where she worked in the emergency room caring for soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan that were injured in the line of duty.  During her time at Camp Lejeune she was one of the first to be deployed to Guantanamo Bay to address medical needs of the detainees from Operation Enduring Freedom.  Rose was later stationed at US Naval Air Station Sigonella, Italy where her group was in charge of the ambulance service and the emergency room.  Rose met her husband Eric, who was also in the navy at that time, in Sigonella.

Rose and Eric have a son named Jacob.  In 2013, Rose was diagnosed with a very rare and potentially fatal form of cancer called intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (Bile Duct Cancer).  Rose is Stage 4C and was told that she had less than one year to live.  Nevertheless, 3% of those diagnosed with this cancer live 10 years or more, and Rose intends to be in that 3%.

Songs4Soldiers wanted to fulfill Rose’s wish to have some quality time with her family so we sent them all on a Disney Cruise.  While they were away making precious memories together, Songs4Soldiers and Above & Beyond Design by Marla provided another surprise by remodeling their kitchen.  The final surprise came when we presented Jacob a set of toy drums at our annual concert.