Project Description

Nick joined the Army after high school at age 19.  He worked on Black Hawk helicopters as a crew chief of an air assault unit.  He was deployed to Afghanistan from 2010 to 2011, where his duties included being a door gunner, completing reconnaissance missions, and supporting ground infantry with aerial support.  He was stationed at Ft. Hood and Ft. Bliss and returned home to St. Louis, MO, in January, 2013.  He served three and a half years in active duty and received an honorable medical discharge resulting from PTSD.

As an effect of his combat exposure, Nick struggled with mental-health symptoms which he realized he could not take care of on his own.  He was hospitalized and received intensive outpatient treatment.  Due to the treatment schedule, Nick was not able to participate in an apprenticeship program as he had planned.  This resulted in unemployment all while he incurred co-pays for his treatment.  Nick completed the treatment, found work, and engaged in services at the St. Louis VAMC where he could work on his PTSD/anxiety while getting his life back on track.

Songs4Soldiers was able to assist Nick and his family by helping with some of the medical expenses.  We are happy to reduce some of the financial stress so Nick can move forward and enjoy his beautiful family.