Project Description

Mathew is a retired Special Forces veteran.  He was with the 82nd Airborne Division.  Mathew was part of many top-secret operations in Panama, Jonestown and the Falkland Islands.

Mathew has been unemployed since 2008 and suffers from severe PTSD.  He was also experiencing a lot of pain due to some dental issues.  The VA was treating this pain with medications that were causing undesirable side effects.  The combination of the PTSD, the pain and the effects of the medications were all having a negative impact on Mathew’s finances and his quality of life.

Thanks to Dr. Kevin Devine, D.M.D. and his dental office, Songs4Soldiers was able to help Mathew receive a brand new set of dentures.  This dental work provided relief from much of the pain Mathew was experiencing which greatly improved his quality of life and his relationships with family.  Songs4Soldiers also helped Mathew catch up on some financial issues which relieved some stress.