Project Description

Kevin deployed to Iraq in March 2005 with 4/3 ACR as an OH-58D Kiowa Warrior pilot.  In May 2006 Kevin was involved in a helicopter crash during a training mission in Ft. Polk and suffered a broken back.  His injuries sustained in the helicopter crash prevented him from fulfilling his duties as a pilot.  Kevin redeployed to Iraq in August 2007 with 1/6 CAV for 18 months, serving as the Squadron Movement Officer and a MQ-5 Hunter UAV Pilot.  During this deployment Kevin was thrown from the blast waves from an insurgent rocket attack.  Kevin medically retired in 2010.

To help Kevin regain some independence, his doctors wanted him to obtain a service dog, which needed to be trained to help him with his mobility and post-traumatic stress issues.  Previously, he thought it was impossible to have a service dog because of his children’s dog allergies.  After many months of searching, Kevin was introduced to American Service Dog Association.  He was paired with a standard poodle that would not cause any health concerns for his family.

Songs4Soldiers provided Kevin with a year of dog grooming, a mobility support harness, service dog vest, food and water bowls, dog bed, gate, kennel, leash, collar, and some other supplies needed for his service dog.  Kevin was very honored by the support shown to him from Songs4Soldiers, The American Legion, the SGT John M. Penich Foundation, members of the local community, and family and friends that have provided him the opportunity to regain some independence that having a service dog has allowed him.