Project Description

Erik was a sergeant in Iraq from 2007-2009 in a fifteen-month deployment with the 232nd Engineer Co, 84th Engineer Battalion.  Their mission was to clear roads of IEDs (roadside bombs) every night to make the roads safe for convoy travel during the day.  Anyone who has run missions on those roads in Iraq and Afghanistan knows how important these men and women’s jobs were.

Unfortunately, on October 24, 2014, Erik was in a horrible motorcycle accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury.  His survival was in question.  On November 19, he and his wife were flown by air ambulance to Minneapolis VA Medical Center.  On December 24, Erik started laughing and smiling!  Then, on April 6, they went to Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis, where he really turned a corner and started talking!  Since then Erik has been making amazing gains.  He was discharged June 26, 2015, eight long months after the accident.  Due to his injuries, Erik required a hospital bed in order to sleep comfortably.  The VA was able to provide a hospital bed for Erik, but this would mean he and his wife would have to sleep separately.

Songs4Soldiers was happy to be able to assist Erik and his wife, Sheryl, by providing a custom built Sleep Number bed which we were able to purchase at manufacturing cost.  Thank you to Sleep Number for their extreme graciousness and kindness!