Project Description

Dom, like many of our men and women, joined the military just before 9-11, not knowing what lay ahead for him in his military journey.  His service started just five days after 9-11, when he left for boot camp.  A couple of years after the terrorist attack on the world trade center the US started garnering support for the War in Iraq.  Dom was a part of the 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Division, Echo Company, when they invaded Iraq.  The company received heavy enemy resistance.

Once home, Dom, like many veterans struggled with staying sober.  He was living in an environment that was not conducive to his sobriety, but also couldn’t afford to move.  Dom also needed to find work.

Songs4Soldiers and our supporters were able to provide the funds necessary to move Dom to a much better area.  Our good friends at Home Depot were able help Dom with employment.  He is now working and has a much better place to call home for him and his family.  Thanks to all of our supporters year in and year out. Without you, things like this can’t happen.