Saturday September 12th, 2015

Songs4Soldiers is working to make the 2015 benefit concert our best yet! We’ve officially taken on the theme, CELEBRATE, REMEMBER, HONOR. The main goal of our benefit concerts has always been to raise money to support struggling St. Louis area combat veterans. The 2015 benefit concert is not just another fundraiser, but it will be a night of great music, food, and fun to celebrate our local combat veterans and remember those veterans who are no longer with us.

Due to the rapid growth of the event (almost 3,000 in attendance) we are pleased to share that we are changing venues. Thanks to the City of Columbia, the 2015 Songs4Soldiers benefit concert will be held in Bolm-Schuhkraft City Park. Songs4Soldiers will be taking over the 3 acre baseball field on the north end of the park which will result in exciting new opportunities. The kids area this year will double in size and we plan to feature rock climbing, bounce houses, face painting, games and of course kid friendly vendors! The band line-up is packed heavy with local favorites such as SuperJam, Where's Charlie?, Super Majik Robot's and Petty Cash Junction. KSHE 95 will once again be providing great on-air promotions, and broadcasting live from the event!

We are currently in the process of soliciting sponsors and vendors for this year’s benefit concert and we want you to be involved! Please contact us at

September 12, 2015

4:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
(gates open at 3:00 p.m.)

Bolm-Schuhkraft City Park, Columbia, IL

PettyCash Junction
Super Majik Robots
Where's Charlie?

$10 Suggested Donation for Admission



From 255 South take IL-3 South to Columbia, turn left onto Veterans Parkway, turn right onto Park Dr and the event will be on your right.


Bolm-Schuhkraft City Park
1200 N. Evergreen Lane
Columbia, IL 62236


Sponsorship opportunities are still available for September's event.
Contact us to learn more about how you or your business can contribute.



We have plenty of opportunities to give. Donate your time and volunteer. Whether it's with sound, stage setup, music production or just an extra hand on the floor, we'd love the help.





Super Majik Robots is a continuation of a project that was named Love Drunk. Hand picked by Carol Ivcich (Coordinator for all the El Monstero shows), working together with Dave AlanS to form a band that could and would be the band/entertainment for her clothing/fashion line exhibitions. The idea was to have an event that would entertain and promote the clothing line while innovating ideas of what music was and could be, while having a lot of fun doing it. It was to be six concert/runway type events and
then the project was to be over.

But, when the project was over, the band members looked at each other and said “Hey, we’re having a lot of fun, and people really dig this, it would be a bummer for us, and a shame for others not to see this show anymore.” So we tweaked it, streamlined it, and shaped it until we had a band that could do super fun, innovative, creative, energy driven shows on a weekly basis. From Costume changes, to 6 foot Penguins, a trained dancer, choreographed stage routines, or emulating police officers……You never know what’s going to happen next at a Super Majik Robots show.

And it IS a show! but yet it’s a concert too! At the heart of it all, is the music. And no one pays more attention to detail than the Robots. It doesn’t matter if it’s a crowd pleasing romper or one of their signature Mash Ups, it’s going to sound great and bring a smile to your face.

What’s a Mash Up you say? You ever hear a song that kinda sounded like another song? Well SMR takes stuff like that and mixes it all together to make something familiar, yet brand new. And have you ever heard a DJ in a club put the lyrics to one song over the top of the music of a different song? Yep, they do that too! Except, they are a band and not a DJ! When you hear Sexy Back in Black for the first time, you may get whiplash from realizing what you are listening to. (it’s a Mash Up with the music of Back in Black with Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexy Back’ over the top)

With accomplished musicians to execute the tunes, it’s a rock’n’roll banquet of fun and mischief for the players as well as the audience participants! Jeremy Miller and Andrew Rola hold down the rhythm section: Jeremy has been in Maxtone 4, as well as the drum tech for bands like Colony and Greenwheel. Joel Dodson on lead guitar who has led original bands like Tell Tale Heart. Jaime Kennington adds female vocal flare that she fined tuned while in bands like THE X. and Dave AlanS contributes to vocals
and guitar – honing skills from bands like Social Blunder back when Pointessential CD’s still meant something, and bands like Lord Baltimore that brought the power pop!

Fun, Energetic, Aesthetic, Nostalgic, Contemporary, Whacky, sometimes even silly……..while delivering quality music. That is Super Majik Robots.

and SMR is:
Dave AlanS: Guitar and Vocals
Jaime Kennington: Acoustic and Vocals
Joel Dodson: Guitars and Vocals
Andrew Rola: Bass and Vocals
Jeremy Miller: Drums and Percussion



PettyCash is a high octane stage show appropriate for old rockers, baby rockers and everything in between. The combined years of musical experience in this band equals roughly…1,000 so you’re guaranteed to see some shredding too. But sorry folks, they won’t kick out the footlights unless it is specifically requested by those die hard aficionados. So don’t be Petty – just give ‘em some Cash and wait for your new, favorite cover band to spark a love affair with you…like Johnny & June!



The name of a mighty quintet of St. Louis rockers-nay-dreamers, who dare to dream that they can bring back those heady days of yesteryear. Bring back screaming guitars and killer rock poses! Bring back racks of keyboards and questionable fashions! Bring back ear splitting vocals and soul crushing bass! Bring back senseless drum solos! Bring back lava lamps and black light posters! Superjam! A blinding beacon of light in a dark world of oppressive monotony…

Featuring spectacular re-creations by artists such as:
Boston, STYX, Journey, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, The Who, Toto, Supertramp,Manfred Mann, April Wine, Shooting Star, .38 Special, Eddie Money, Night Ranger, Steve Miller Band……
And many, many more.
Starting to get the picture? We knew you would. Enjoy!

Dave Farver –Lead vocals, sax
Jeff Gallo- Bass, Vocals
Eric Lysaght- Lead Guitar
James Wolfe- Keys, Guitar, vocals
Ken McCray- Drums



Hi friends. We are an original band from St. Louis MO. We have played many many shows around St. Louis including The Pageant, Busch Stadium, off Broadway, Old Rockhouse, and many more. However, we also play annually for a benefit concert called Songs4Soldiers. We feature members of This Must Be The Band (Talking Heads tribute) Grood, and DjnoDJ. We come together for this special evening once a year and deliver some of your favorite hits mixed in with some hits you didn’t think were hits. Songs4Soldiers is our drummer’s not-for-profit organization. S4S benefits four different local St. Louis veterans every year with money raised from the show. We hope to see you at the show this year. It is always a beautiful thing to be apart of. Love and Light.